The History of Southwestern Adventist University

Southwestern Adventist University is among the thirteen colleges in the United States of America that are under Seventh-day Adventist Church. The conference of the same church also owns it. Southwestern Adventist University is still a small college that has a total enrollment of undergraduate of approximately 800. The size of the land owned by the college is about 150 acres and is located in the village. They’re in the process of finalizing the contemporary office building design to update the structure. 


It has received a charter and full accreditation in 2016. The Association of Adventist has also approved it. They also offer nursing courses which are approved by the Texas Board of Nurse Examiners. The university has bachelors and masters programs. The size of the school is manageable such that students can interact with their lecturers harmoniously. The ratio of students to classes is 12:1.


Southwestern Adventist University was started in 1893. It was formerly called Keene Industrial Academy. All the finances and buying of the infrastructure was taken cared by the church in Dallas. The first college was completed in 1894 which was used as a place of worship. The university enrolls 56 students in that year. In 1996, the university changed its name to the current one.


The college is found in Keene in Texas. It is approximately 8 miles northeast of Cleburne. Many people know Keene as the favorite town for various Seventh Day Church believers. Many businesses are closed on Saturday. Thousands of people attend the church, and that is the reason which many shops are closed on Saturdays.


In the United States, SDA is subdivided into many functional units called the union, and each unit has its school. Many of these schools were started in the 1890s, 1890s was a season of the influx of SDA church.


The college has seen evolving through several phases from its former state to its current status. It is the largest Adventist University in Southwest union which comprises of New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.


At the university, learners are not only taught the history but also how to define and shape it. The curriculum in the college is interactive with significant support from the professors. They have many tools that assist learners in developing critical thinking on how to solve various challenges in life. Bachelor degree in History from Southwestern Adventist University is the major program. History gives learners a wide range of careers such as business, writing, education and public service.


The University also offers History in Public Policy in International Relations. This program is for those learners who are interested in foreign and government affairs as well as policymaking. History for teaching in a program is also included in the program for those learners who have a passion for teaching. There is also a Social Studies option in the teaching area. This program comprises many fields such as geography and economics.


Students who choose teaching options are provided pedagogy skills that will assist them in classroom preparation and management. Social Science is also a course that is found in the college. It is related to History courses, but it mainly concentrates in the field such as political science. Social Science is an excellent program for those individuals who are waiting to join law school.